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Skip bins are large waste containers that were designed for offloading onto a truck. They are commonly found in construction sites to collect waste, and then the waste is picked up at a set date or time. After a skip bin is picked up, it is replaced with an empty one.

Reasons to use a skip bin service

One of the main reasons to utilize skip bin services is due to the cost-effective price as well as lightening the task of garbage disposal. Skip bin services also allow companies to use the skip bins for the time they need without any extra costs. Other reasons include:

  1. They leave a cleaner and safer workplace, especially for construction sites. They store any dangerous materials like metal and wood that can easily injure workers.
  2. Skip bin services offer households and businesses an easy way to dispose of waste by choosing the bin size they need. Skip bins can easily be found on the internet without the time-consuming process of looking for an exact match.
  3. Skip bin services offer a cost-effective way of getting rid of large volumes of waste at your own comfort as opposed to regular local waste removal services.

Skip bin services

Skip bin services are available for construction waste, concrete debris, landscape waste and residential waste. There are different sizes of skip bins used for different types of waste:

  1. Mini skips - they are small usually 2-3 cubic meters. They are reasonable for waste from household cleanup, garden cleanup of furniture items. They are usually collected weekly.
  2. Middle sized skips - they are usually 4-6 cubic meters and are suitable for industrial and commercial waste.
  3. Industrial skips - they range from 10-30 cubic meters and are suitable for large projects such as demolitions or for relocation. They are used for home or office mass cleanup.

Cost of skip bin services

The cost of hiring a skip bin depends on the size you need as well as the type and quantity of rubbish you need to have moved. Approximately, skip bins cost around $160-$340 for hiring mini skip bins and large skip bins respectively. The cost of medium sized bins ranges around $200-$240.

Bigger bins cost more to hire than smaller bins. It is also important that you ask the skip bin company if they charge extra fees for the hire.  Some companies charge a daily fee, while others charge a weekly fee.

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