The Different Types of Waste Bins Available for Your Commercial Rubbish Removal

As the cost of renting commercial space continues to go up with each passing year, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to make the most out of every inch of space available to them. This means you should not let rubbish accumulate in your commercial space, as it would waste your precious space. Fortunately for you and other businesses operating across Australia, commercial rubbish removal service is available. 

Commercial rubbish removal services hire out skip bins (large waste containers that can be loaded onto a truck) to businesses to help ensure the various types of rubbish generated by the businesses is disposed of the right way. Proper waste disposal, in this context, means ensuring commercial rubbish is disposed of in a way that is safe for planet Earth and the people that live in it.

Not all of the rubbish generated by your business is the same, and not all of it can be taken away by your commercial rubbish removal service. Here is a look at various types of commercial rubbish that most rubbish removal services accept:

Recyclable waste

Minimising the amount of waste that ends up being buried at landfills or dump sites is a top priority for rubbish removal services. That is why they provide recycling bins for businesses. Unless stated otherwise by your rubbish removal service, all recyclable materials including paper, cardboard, metal, glass and some plastics should go in the recycling bin. The waste in recycling bins is taken to a waste transfer facility for sorting before the various recyclable materials can be sent to a waste recycling facility that accepts them.

Organic waste

Organic bins are provided for loading organic waste items such as food scraps and unwanted leftovers. You can also put biodegradable garden waste such as grass clippings, leaves and small twigs in your organic bin. An organic bin eliminates the need to throw away food and garden rubbish in the general waste bin.

General waste

General waste bins are meant for any acceptable waste that cannot go in the recycling bin or organic bin. To know what waste items are not acceptable, check with your chosen rubbish bin provider. Most rubbish removal companies impose a blanket ban on materials that are considered to be hazardous in the industry. Such materials may include waste items such as wet paint, aerosol cans, motor oils, old car batteries, etc. Using recycling bins and organic bins to their full potential will reduce the amount of rubbish put in your general waste bin. 

Before hiring a skip bin for your waste removal project, read and understand your rubbish removal company's terms of service. This will ensure you use your bin correctly. Keep in mind that your rubbish removal service may refuse to pick up your loaded bin if it contains the wrong kinds of waste.

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