Why You Should Clean Your Commercial Bins

Many homeowners are not familiar with the benefits of having their waste bins cleaned regularly. It's often something that they don't even think about. However, cleaning your waste bins is actually healthier for your entire family and strongly reduces the chances of you receiving visits from unwanted wildlife. Here is a guide to why you should clean your bins, what equipment to use, and how often they should be cleaned.

Why your bins need to be cleaned

Waste bins are essentially a breeding ground for bacteria to develop. Most homeowners leave their bins outside so you should be mindful of the fact that it is being exposed to all of the elements. This means that when it rains, your waste bin may retain some of the moisture and breed fungus and mold, each of which can cause you to get sick if you come in contact with them. Spraying your bin down with a regular garden house will get rid of the visible signs of bacteria but it does nothing to rid your bin of all other forms of bacteria.

Another common issue that homeowners experience is dirty bins attracting wildlife and rodents. This often happens if your bin has a noticeable smell. Maybe you threw away old meat or foods and even though your bin has since been emptied, animals are still able to smell the old scent, which is attracting them to your property. This can create dangerous and uncomfortable situations for both you and the animals.

Having your bins cleaned will reduce bacterial build up, eliminate the fear of rodent infestation, and limit harsh odors, improving your home's hygiene and creating a safer environment for your family.

What's used to clean your commercial bins?

After hiring a professional or commercial bin hire, they will use high-pressure washers to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your waste bins. Pressure washers use high-velocity ranges of pressurized water mixed with cleaning solutions to spray bacterial build up off bins. After which time, they will wipe down your bins with further disinfectant and then finish the job by deodorizing the inside of your bin so that it has a pleasant smell.

How often should your bins be cleaned?

If your primary concern is bacterial build up, you should arrange to clean your bins at least once a month if possible. This is because each day your bin is creating bacteria. Also, with every time you fill the bin with trash, it is capturing the scents of those items, creating odors that will attract animals. The more often you clean your bins, the less likely you'll get sick from coming in contact with the bacteria and also the smaller the chance of unwanted pests frequenting your property.

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