4 Sure Tips On How To Reduce Your Skip Hire Costs

Skips are a convenient and affordable way to dispose of waste around domestic, commercial and industrial premises. You can use them to remove yard waste, construction/renovation waste, recycling waste and general trash. To make your skip hire even more cost-friendly, take advantage of some valuable tips listed below:

Hire a slightly large bin instead of risking having to hire a second bin

When hiring a skip bin, don't always focus on getting the smallest bin possible for your waste. Often, this will work against you should your waste exceed the bin size. When this happens, you will be forced to hire a second skip bin just to accommodate all your waste. To avoid this, always hire a bin with some extra room. Do this by hiring a bin slightly larger than what you need. For example, if you feel you need a 2m3 mini skip, hire a 3m3 bin instead.

Arrange your trash to make sure it all fits in the skip

Another way to cut costs on skip hires is to arrange your waste when loading. Doing so ensures that you do not leave gaps in between your waste, necessitating a second bin hire just to accommodate all your trash removal needs. This applies to wastes like timber, construction materials, yard waste and general trash. An easy to arrange your trash is to use the ramp so that you can enter the skip and have easier access to the trash.

Sign up for long term hire if you need continuous waste removal

If you have an ongoing project and need to remove waste regularly, sign up for a long term skip hire. The reason for this is simple; long term hire offers discounted rates as compared to one-off hires. The longer your hire period, the higher your discount. This plan is great for long projects like construction and renovations.

If you don't fill your skip on time, seek an extension instead of hiring a second bin

When you hire a bin service, it's likely that your may lag behind your schedule such that the bin is not full by the time it needs to be collected. Instead of having the half-full skip collected and hiring a new one, call ahead and seek an extension. You can extend the hire period by a few days and even up to a week in some cases. This is cheaper than having to hire another bin altogether.

Doing the above will ensure you keep your removal costs at a minimum. However, note that skip hire conditions vary from one company to the other so seek all the details beforehand to avoid any inconveniences later on. Contact a company such as McSkips to learn more.

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